Are you constantly trying to change people?

“ out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” Philippians 2:12, ESV.

Don’t let your relationships be ruined because you’re constantly trying to change people. The truth is…

You can’t change:

• How people feel
• How they respond
• What they think
• What they believe
• How they love
• How they live their life

However, you can change:

• How you feel
• How you respond
• What you think
• What you believe
• How you love
• How you live your life

Don’t spend so much time trying to change people, their feelings, their mind, their moods, their life, or their habits. God didn’t call us to change anyone. That’s His job. We have a hard enough time trying to change ourselves, let alone someone else. Accept people the way they are and let God do the rest. Focus on what you can do, which is work on you. The more someone sees your life improving for, the better and the more they see you walking in humility, the more they may be inspired to change.

Prayer: Father God, I ask forgiveness for any time I didn’t accept who you’ve accepted. Forgive me for any time I’ve tried to do your job of changing people. I humble myself right now and ask that you help me Lord to focus on working on my self and let you work on others with your love and grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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