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A Word from the Lord for You

“But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?” Luke 6:46

“I am the Lord your God, and I’ve made it simple for you. If you do what I tell you to do, you will experience stability in every area of your life. Let Me govern your every move. Let me have My way in you and through you. There is a difference between those who call Me Lord and those who do what I say. When you obey Me, you are letting Me be Lord. When you walk in obedience to Me, you are trusting that I have your best in mind. When your faith in Me produces obedience, I build your life on a rock, and I bless you with stability and longevity as you’ve never seen. I am separating the wheat from the weeds. I am making a clear distinction between those who only call Me Lord from those who are doing what I say. I will gather the wheat into My barns, but the weeds, I will not. They will be cast out. I allow both the wheat and the weeds to grow together, but it’s the wheat, those who are completely surrendered to Me, who will inherit My kingdom.”

(Scripture Reference: Luke 6:46-48; Matthew 13:24-30)

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